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As a puppy owner you have probably already been made aware of how important it is to expose your new puppy to as many new experiences as possible to ensure they grow into well socialised & happy dogs – dog grooming both at home and at the Grooming Salon would be at the top of that list. We strongly urge you to book your puppy in for its first “puppy groom” a few days after he/she has had its final set of vaccinations (this is usually at 12 weeks). It is very important to get your puppy used to the grooming environment and ensure they do not develop a fear of grooming.

A dog who fears grooming could risk injuring themselves both mentally or physically, so many times they are referred to vets for grooming under sedation which is can be risky for your dog as it gets older & can also be quite a costly experience. To avoid that scenario it is best to get your puppy used to both home brushing and salon grooming from a young age.

What is Puppy Grooming?

Puppy Grooming is quite simply a brush-out, wash & blow-dry, sanitary trim, a little tidy-up trim of the hair around their eyes to reveal those beautiful puppy dog eyes again, a tidy up of the hair around those cute little paw pads and an introduction to nail clipping & ear cleaning;

We cannot stress how important it is to slowly get your dog used to grooming environment from a young age. It is also vital that you introduce a regular brushing routine to your young pup. If you have a long haired puppy such as a Shih Tzu, or a curly coated breed such a Bichon Frise or a Poodle you should purchase a Slicker Brush & Comb and keep up with regular home brushing so as to avoid matting of your dogs coat. The puppy coat goes through a transitional period at anywhere from 6 months upwards whereby your puppy develops its adult coat which is much more prone to matting. If your dog or puppy’s coat develops mats these can cause serious discomfort to your dog and cause bruising or cuts to its skin.

If you would like advice on how to care for your dog’s coat please feel free to contact us and we can advise on what tools you need, or how often your dog requires Grooming, etc.

Here at Gabby & Miley’s Grooming Studio every Puppy Grooming appointment begins with a meet & greet with you & your puppy and a little tour of our Studio. Once your pup sees you are comfortable & relaxed in your surroundings and that you trust us with them, it helps them to relax too.

Each groom starts off with a health check, which is a quick check of your pup’s eyes, ears, nose, teeth, coat & skin for any signs of irregularities and or infection – any findings will be noted to you.

Your puppy will receive constant reassurance and cuddles (& some sneaky treats) from us throughout the entire grooming process. We allot extra time to all our puppy customers so we can add in a little playtime and go at their own pace. Above all else we are dog lovers & dog parents so we know how tough it is to leave your puppy in a new place, especially for the first time. (PS. We cried the first time we dropped our little guy off for his first ever groom)

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