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Canine Hygiene: Your dog’s hygiene is paramount to it’s overall health & well-being. Whilst we endeavour to make sure every dog leaves Gabby & Miley’s Grooming Studio prettier on the outside we also want to ensure they are healthy on the inside!

As a part of our pampering process we inspect your dog’s ears to make sure they are mite & infection free. If upon our inspection your dog’s ears are infection free we will proceed to clean them out & pluck any excess hair if required. If we suspect your dog’s ears have any infection or any sign of ear mites we will recommend you seek veterinarian attention.

We also clip your dog’s nails & dew claws if required – as with humans, ingrown nails (or dew claws) can be extremely painful for your dog. If a nail or dew claw is overly ingrown and has broken your dogs skin we will recommend you to seek veterinarian attention so as to avoid any infection.

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