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Dog Grooming plays a vital role in health & wellbeing which can improve your Dog’s overall lifespan. All Breeds require daily grooming, how much depends on the breed, age, or health of the pet. Regular grooming helps to ensure that your dog is healthy and comfortable. It is important to note that while many dogs shed, others (such as the Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise & Poodle), do not shed as profusely, and require grooming by a professional every 6–8 weeks at the very maximum. The main reasons for daily grooming include: • decreased chance of various health problems, such as skin problems, ear infections & parasites • general cleanliness of your dog • monitoring of your dogs health by checking for cuts, bumps/lumps, swelling, lameness, or changes in temperament, all of which could be indicative of illness • reducing infestation load of external parasites on skin.

Here at Gabby & Miley’s Grooming Studio every grooming appointment begins with a meet & greet with you & your dog and a little tour of our Studio. Once your dog sees you are comfortable & relaxed in your surroundings and that you trust us with them, it helps them to relax too.

Each groom starts off with a health check, which is a quick check of your dog’s eyes, ears, nose, teeth, coat & skin for any signs of irregularities and or infection – any findings will be noted to you.

Your dog will receive constant reassurance and cuddles (& some sneaky treats) from us throughout the entire grooming process. Above all else we are dog lovers & dog parents so we know how tough it is to leave your dog in a new place.

Gabby and Miley’s Grooming Studio is proud to be cage-free, all dogs are hand-dried with no cage-drying ensuring maximum one-on-one attention at all times.

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